How much golden retriever puppy cost in 2017

If you are a dog lover and planning to buy golden retriever in 2017 as he is one of your favorites, then you have to draft a financial plan to get acquainted with the cost of owning golden retriever. Now you must be thinking how much golden retriever puppy will cost? Here in this article, I will make you aware of the expenses you need to make as an owner of the golden retriever.

As we all know to keep a pet in our home, we need to look after various issues like adoption process, licensing, food, grooming and medical assistance so that our loving pet can have the comfortable stay. To manage all these matters, you need to spend money. So go through the below-mentioned points from where you can gain the idea about how much your golden retriever will cost.

  • Purchasing cost- It depends on where you buy golden retriever either from rescue centers, pet stores or professional breeders. In some rescue centers, there won’t be any adoption charges while some may cost between $300-$600. No need to worry at all about the well-being of the dog as the cost will assure their sound health. In pet stores you will find the price of $300 – $1,000 and from professional breeders the price can rise from $2,000 -$ 3,000 as they guarantee the best condition.
  • Handling license costs- On buying the golden retriever you have to pay license fees that may differ depending on the place from where you got it registered. Usually, the charge is up to $50. For enrolling the dogs in clubs, you need to pay near about $100- $200.
  • Cost of foodstuff, shelter, and training- As an owner, you will provide nutritious food, large shelter, and proper training to your beloved pet. The consumption of the food depends on the size and diet of the golden retriever, but generally, it will cost you between $45 – $75 per month. Regarding shelter, you have to get it rehabilitated year after year for proper maintenance. The quality shelter will offer comfort to your pooch. For grooming and training, you don’t have to spend much as you can groom your pet at home. If you go for some training sessions, then it will charge monthly $20.  
  • Cost of health issues- To save your golden friend from various diseases you have to look after the health checkups for which you need the consultation of the veterinarian which may cost somewhat $350. The health check-ups include vaccination, worming and some body tests.

From the points mentioned above, you can make out how much you have to pay for your loving golden retriever. To look after the other arrangement in the case of emergency you have to keep aside some amount in advance. Plan your budget before finalizing the golden retriever as the part of your family so that you and your pet won’t face any problem.

To take the best care of your golden friend you have to look after their feeding and grooming properly. The good stay of your pet will not only make your pet cheerful but will make you contented too. To provide sound health and body to your pooch, you can arrange multi vitamins capsules which will make their immune system healthy.


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