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The rage for breed dogs is going down, and people are now more attracted to the different designer or hybrid dogs. The good thing about this thing is that now dogs who are not necessarily “class” get a chance to survive. This change may have even come about as the movement “Adopt, not shop” has gained more awareness, and people go to shelters to get themselves a pet, and have no idea about his breed.

It comes as a no-brainer that a Goldendoodle, who is a mix between Golden Retriever and a Poodle, is one of the most popular dog breeds these days. Since both, the parents are intelligent, friendly, and not to mention extremely good looking, this dog is bound to attract more eyeballs.

Getting to know your Goldendoodle

The main reason that the Golden Retriever and the Standard Poodles were bred in the later part of the twentieth century was to get a guide dog for people who were visually impaired as well as those who would work well with people who had allergies. The breeding was carried out by Australian and North American breeders.

When the low shedding Poodle is mixed with the gentle and agile Golden Retriever, you get a dog in the form of a Goldendoodle that is just too good to be true.


The reason why the Golden Retriever Poodle Mix is such an awesome breed is that both the parents were designed to be swimmers and hunters. Since the parents had a similar role, there is no point of conflict in this dog’s personality.

  • Looks: Imagine a Golden retriever who has a slightly disheveled look, or a poodle who has slight curls in his hair. Your dog could have his looks from anywhere between these two.
  • Length of the fur: Four to Eight Inches (Average)
  • Color: Varying, could be any shades of chocolate, apricot, phantom, gold, or cream.
  • Shedding: Mild

As we see that this dog is prone to just a mild shedding, if you are allergic to dog hair, you would find this dog does not trigger your allergies.

Goldendoodle Hybrid Puppies Pictures


Height and Weight

If it is important to you that your dog is of a certain size or weight, you could do two things:

  1. Get an adult dog from the shelter: By doing this, you know exactly what you are getting and then work with that.
  2. If you are getting a puppy, ensure you meet his parents: The size of your dog would be dictated by the size of his parents. To get an approximate idea of your dog, take the average height and weight of his parents. You could also check the litter. The dog that looks taller or heavier than the rest is bound to grow up to be like the one.

But, if we look at the average, generally the Golden Retriever mixed with Poodle is bound to be around thirty to forty-five pounds.


These dogs are quite friendly and fun loving, with a great outlook on life. If you are thinking of getting yourself a Goldendoodle, you are sure to find an intelligent and an obedient dog on your hands.

While they love their family to pieces, they work well with strangers, children, and other pets as well. It is because of their easy going temperament, that they are very easy to train as well.

Health Issues to Look out for

Before you get a pet, any pet, you should be aware of the kind of health issues your pet might have so that you can be on a lookout for the symptoms. For your Goldendoodle, you need to ensure that you take real good care of their hips and their eyes, as these are the parts that tend to give them maximum trouble in the long run.

To conclude

Whether you are getting an old dog or puppy, it is better to research all the pros and cons of getting the dog. For a Golden Poodle mix, grooming is not that demanding, you would only be required to go the occasional trimming. Thanks to the low shedding, the brushing requirements are also quite low. Which is why those who have allergies to dog hair, find themselves to be comfortable around them. Another thing is that you will not see a lot of hair on your furniture.

This dog is also highly intelligent, thus easily trainable. Even though they are friendly to strangers, as we have mentioned earlier, they can be trained to be great watchdogs. When they detect an unfamiliar scent, they are prone to alerting their owners by barking. They can be quite aggressive if they sense their humans are at harm. They are highly adaptable and can adjust to any environment.

One thing to keep in mind while transferring them to a new environment is that no matter where they go, you would have to ensure that they get proper exercise level in order to maintain their health and happiness.

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