Australian Retriever (Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix)

The crossing of Australian Shepherd and Golden Retriever results in the birth of Australian Retriever. The country of origin of Australian Retriever is the USA. It is not the purebred dog. It is the Australian Shepherd golden retriever mix. Its size varies from medium to large size. This breed participates in herding. They are the good watchdog that can be an adoring and frisky pet. They can steal the hearts of the owner and his family members with their behavior.

The other name of Australian Retriever is Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix. Their life expectancy is about 15 years or more. Generally, on a daily basis, they require 2.5 to 3 cups of dry dog food.

Now we would like to share their physical traits with you.

  • Coat –They have bristly, slightly curly, straight and firm coat.
  • Colors– They come in black, blonde, brindle, brown, golden, merle, speckled, spotted, white and even in combinations.
  • Height– They are large. Their height varies from 28-30 inches.
  • Weight– The weight ranges from 30-60 pounds.
  • Shedding– They shed from moderate to heavy.

After discussing physical traits, we would like to throw light on their personality which includes their temperament and behavior and the training they required to adopt the surroundings comfortably.

Austrian Retriever Pictures Gallery


Australian-Retriever-Puppy-PicturesAustralian Retriever inherit even temper from their parental side. They are intelligent and possessive about their things and loved ones. They enjoy to be the part of the family and are protective towards family members. They are good with young children but if their possessiveness mix with rowdy attitude then it may result in offensive happenings. Though they are comfortable with strangers, if they come across to something suspicious then they undoubtedly guard their property and family. Unfortunately, with age, their natural driving instinct gets weaken.

The Shepherd Retriever mix is good with pets. If they get little attention and love, then they would serve their families with full devotion. They easily get mixed up with those stuff of which they are fond of. At the time of weather changes, they show moderate adaptability.

Now after knowing about the Australian Retriever in detail, the question comes in mind how to take care of them? In which way they should be trained? And what diet should be offered to them so that they can enjoy their stay with the owners comfortably.

We would like to explain in detail how to take care of Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd Mix so that owner can properly look after them with love and affection. The owner or the family members have to care for the exercise of Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix so that they can enjoy sound health. If they suffer from any health issues, then at that time proper care of them has to be taken off. Good grooming is required so that they can look decent and clean.


Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix needs a good amount of exercise on a daily basis. They behave like companion dogs so they can accompany their owners at the time of morning and evening walk. They possess the high amount of energy. The insufficient amount of exercise can result in destructive behavior. They are very playful and enjoy going out to play or to explore dog park. At the time of playing, it will be good not to keep them on the leash.

Health Problems

They can suffer from ear allergies, infections, skin problems and even dysplasia. They can even suffer from genetic diseases. So at the time of illness, apt medical assistance has to be carried off.


Some Australian Retrievers shed less while some heavily. So it is good to comb their coat twice or thrice in a week. As a result, their body can be kept clean. Mild soaps should be used for the bathing purpose.  They are unclean, so attention has to be paid to their cleanliness.


AustralianRetrieverShepherdShepherdAzulaHybridDogPuppyAustralian Retriever required proper training so that they can behave in an appropriate manner. What can all be done to train them?  They are considered intelligent breed, so it is quite easy to train them. It will be desirable to teach them from the beginning; at the time when they enter the owner’s house. It would be better if they get familiar with fellow pets, with the friends and neighbors as they possess retrieving instincts which they get from Retriever parent. Even retrieving games like ball games can be used to train them. Soon after the adoption, the housebreaking, obedience, discipline and crate training should be started. Be careful that one should not be angry or rude to them while training them. Motivate them by appreciating their skills.  Provide them positive reinforcement so that they can quickly learn the things.


Diet plays a crucial role in the life of the pet. The healthy food at the proper time will give them pleasure. It is equally important to provide them quality meals regularly so that they can experience right amount of energy in their body. They require sufficient amount of energy for their growth so quality food should not be compromised so they can enjoy hale and hearty body. The high protein diet will be appreciable as it is perfect at the time of growth. For nutritious diet, the vet should be consulted so that the health and body of Australian Retrievers don’t suffer from any deficiency.


Australian Retriever can easily win the heart of the owner and his or her family members. They require moderate maintenance. Grooming on a regular basis can keep their fur in good shape. They can handle most types of hot and cold weather. They are known to be playful and energetic. Whenever they sense any trespasser, then they try to alert their owner by barking. They enjoy the features of both Australian shepherd purebred and Golden Retriever purebred as they are the crossbreed of both the breeds.

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  1. Thank you so much for this informative article. I love this breed of dogs and also planning to buy one. Here in this article, you have covered almost every basic details of AUSTRALIAN RETRIEVER, which will help me a lot in future.

  2. We had a golden/are astralian. He had the colors of his father and the face of his mother the golden. When he protected his property he did the golden stand. Very inteligent. Knew like 20 words even by spelling them out. He was never a guide dog but to my son who has some disabilities gizmo connected to my son and could pull my son out of an axiety panic attack with no issues. He was the best family dog,guard dog and we miss him so much. But what people need to be aware that we were not is that the golden breed is prone to lymph note cancer. So please make sure people check their dog for lumps in groin area and throat area. Our gizmo was only 6 years old and we took him to the vet for needles and yearly check up. I asked the vet to check lump in groin area to find out after testes that it was lymph note cancer. We were told he would love three mths we had 6 mths from diagnosis with him. These are amazing dogs and great with little children.but please check for lumps. And take your fur baby to vet to follow up.

  3. Your article was very helpful. I’m familiar with both breeds and am interested in this mix breed. Are there any breeders you can recommend in the western states?

  4. Very Helpful. Interested in getting a puppy of this breed. Currently looking if anyone has a litter.

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